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The post pandemic – growth and development opportunities for Made in Italy Food & Beverage brands

The Covid-19 pandemic represented one of the most difficult moments of recent decades for the food & beverage world.

Lockdowns, restrictions and changes in consumption habits have literally brought to its knees and upset a sector that plays a fundamental role in the economy in all industrialized countries.

Those who had a certain financial solidity and were able to organize well and in time managed to limit the damage, seeing the revenues from delivery also grow significantly, which has now become, in a structural way, an important new business “voice”.

But not everyone has had this “luck” and as we know thousands of businesses have been forced to close, leaving behind decades of history unfortunately gone up in smoke.

Among those who have managed to survive and come out of this deep crisis are a number of forward-looking brands that in unsuspecting times had thought (in the pre-pandemic) to “relocate” their activities and diversify by expanding their business by focusing on development. of the network (especially abroad) through licensing and franchising formulas.

And it is thus that while many shutters remained lowered, many companies have seen their brand grow around the world, in those countries where the weight of the pandemic has not been as marked as we are, thus being able to benefit from a whole series of extra-characteristic income linked to proceeds (royalties – entry fees, etc.) deriving from contracts stipulated with partners.

These opportunities today have not “passed” but rather continue to be and will increasingly be the opportunity for many brands to attempt the path of “internationalization”.

Among other things, we know that the demand for Made in Italy in the world is very strong, you just need to not be caught unprepared and prepare in time to seize an opportunity that can come at any time.

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