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The opening of new sales spaces in the post-COVID-19 pandemic

The planning of a new opening and the design of a new sales space for retail and F&B sectors has become an increasingly complex and articulated activity in recent years.

The reasons are to be identified in the rapid evolution and changes in customer behavior as well as in the upheavals that occurred in various sectors as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Starting from these assumptions, after having faced a very complicated two-year period in which closures have far exceeded the new openings, companies must devote increasing attention to all preparatory activities for the opening of new “sales spaces”.

It is for these reasons that the margins of error to which it is possible to expose oneself when planning a new opening are always less and in order to do all this it is necessary to approach the new “retail” experiences in the quietest possible way.

Hence the emergence of the need, in crucial moments of business development in a retail key, to work alongside reliable, open-minded professionals who know the market, customers and future trends well.

The main objective of such an approach is not only to limit risks and reduce the margins of error but above all to work in time to be able to grasp changes and new opportunities.

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