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The evolution of the point of sale in food retail: from a place of consumption to a place of experience

The profound changes that have taken place and are still in progress in consumption methods and habits require companies to make substantial changes in the way they serve customers and organize sales spaces.

In all sectors, but especially in food retail, the “ideal shop” to stand out, attract customers, retain them and thus maximize performance must transform itself from a simple place for selling products to a place where each customer lives an unique and personalized experience.

At the base of these transformations play a fundamental role and therefore deserve great attention in addition to the products and the range themselves, factors such as: the preparation of the spaces, the exhibition, the presentation, the in-store communication, the procedures and the assistance. to the sale.

It is for this reason that an increasing number of professionals are intervening in the study and development processes of new concepts, requiring a joint and transversal approach in order to achieve the goal of satisfying an increasingly heterogeneous and demanding clientele.

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