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Retail and Marketing – The 5 “Ps”

The following are the 5Ps of Marketing revised in a “retail” key with particular reference to high-end products.


Products play a fundamental role in the value proposition of the commercial format as they form the basis from which the value of the entrepreneurial initiative will be formed.

The choice of products must follow the tastes of the customers, and not ignore the maximization of quality. An important role must be given to packaging, presentation, sales service and after-sales assistance, all fundamental elements that increase the potential and value of the offer in the eyes of customers.

Store positioning

The placement of the store determines its ability to be successful. The definition of the localization is one of the fundamental choices to be made in the implementation phase of a retail development project.

In-store promotion

The sale of products is achieved through the study and development of a series of actions aimed at creating a unique and “tailor-made” customer shopping experience.

Above all, high-end products do not sell themselves but are presented to the customer by the sales staff through a story and a participatory and sensory journey.

Packaging / display

The packaging and presentation of products with attention to the smallest detail play a fundamental role in the sale, effectively determining the palatability and perception of the value of the offer.


The exclusivity of the products and the experience lived by each customer will allow to put into practice premium pricing strategies.

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