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Nice, good and? … .Replicable

In recent years we have seen the phenomenon of the birth of new “formats” grow dramatically in the retail and above all food & beverage sectors which started with the will and enthusiasm to conquer the world and stopped at the first difficulties encountered. leaving many budgets and development plans “dead leaf”, thus disappointing the trust of many investors (even of a certain level) who had placed on them not only excellent hopes, but also substantial financial resources.

The reason for many of these failures is almost always traced back to exogenous market variables, the quality of the products, the attractiveness of the concept, the management, things that in many cases may be partly true if not for the simple fact that many experiments in the first place they succeeded bringing more than satisfactory results and only afterwards did they show limits for which the projects they were part of are stuck. So what was he wrong with?

Many, dwelling on what the project has become, have never wondered what was missing from the embryonic stage in terms of replicability.

Repeatability is in fact to be understood as the characteristic that makes a business project repeatable over time and space without being revolutionized and only by making small changes.
When any project destined to be “developed” in series lacks this fundamental characteristic, which implies a whole series of factors (which must be standardized), it must be rethought and revised in its entirety so that this fundamental requirement can be respected.

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