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About Us

Who we are

Xylema supports companies with the aim of helping them to overcome the most complex challenges that arise in the different phases of their business:

from start-up, to growth, to the launch of new products and brands, to entering new segments-markets, internationalization, changes in management and ownership structures, entry into new businesses as part of diversification strategies, the development of direct and franchised retail chains.


Luigi Cioffi

Graduated in Business Administration at the Federico II University of Naples, he took his first steps as a marketing manager in various companies related to the world of Made in Italy (nautical, footwear, perfumery, wine & spirits). Later, as CEO, he gained over fifteen years of experience in various food & beverage and food retail companies, dealing transversally with the main business processes such as: strategies, marketing, business and retail development, sales.

All the direct companies have been characterized by the integration of all the processes of the value chain starting from production (bakery, chocolate, coffee, liqueurs, meat processing) up to direct sales in single-brand stores / restaurants / ice cream shops / cafes managed both directly and in franchising. As a consultant, he has structured new projects in the field of Food & Beverage for international customers and assisted Italian brands in internationalization, business development and retail development processes.

Added value

What we believe in

Our main aim is to generate added value for customers who request our intervention. The action of our work is aimed at developing a difference that matters and therefore allows customers who turn to us to create and maintain a competitive advantage over their main competitors. We are convinced that with a quality approach aimed at increasing the value generated for stakeholders, customers can see their business grow.





Team spirit

Culture of quality


Work method

The Xylema working method starts from the conception of the fact that any result / objective can be achieved through multiple ways.
The most appropriate path to follow to guide our customers towards achieving the results they expect must not be imposed on the basis of "best practices" or our convictions matured over time but according to shared paths and adapted to the realities and contexts with which we interface.
Ours will never be an "adapted" consultancy but will be rigorously tailor made.


Analysis to get a deep understanding of the customer and his uniqueness.
Analysis of the reference market, competitors and customers.


Proposal of shared and structured ad hoc solutions following a multidisciplinary approach.


Support in the implementation of the proposed solutions.


Customer guide to the pursuit of continuous improvement.

Customers & Partners

Customers & Partners

Why “Xylema”?

The xylem is a plant tissue present in vascular plants and used for the conduction of the raw sap, that contains water and solutes dissolved, from the roots to the leaves. Its function is fundamental as it is at the basis of chlorophyll photosynthesis, a process that, as known, allows plants to live and develop.

"Xylema Consulting" was born with this same purpose: to assist and support companies in development and growth, acting as a "channel" and "guide" in a whole series of activities and processes in which the contribution of "new elements" that will turn into lifeblood.