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A new “concept store”: where do we start?

We often hear about the development of new concepts in “retail” and “F&B” sectors. Fantasy in a more than fair way takes over and imagination is no less. But what are the central elements to focus on to define the main characteristics of a new retail space?

Wanting to summarize as much as possible, we can define everything in the six points listed below:

Architectural box: create spaces and attractions that have an appeal that invite customers to enter.

Layout (distribution of spaces): it must be clear so as to guide the customers within the store without confusion, making them live the experience we have imagined.

Display system: which offers products in an interesting, simple and flexible way (clearly readable by the customer).

Lighting: made with quality technology in order to highlight the most important products and corners.

In-store corporate graphics and communication: responsive to the brand’s values ​​and communication strategy (direct, simple, impactful and effective).

All these elements must be accompanied by a careful development of assisted sales techniques that allow the customers to live, once inside the store, a truly unique experience.

Each of these aspects requires a multidisciplinary approach that takes into account a series of variables that relate the product to the target customer.

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